For Algerian expats, this article aims to provide you with working and living information about the country.

Algerian ExpatsDo you want to work and live in Algeria? Or perhaps you are an expat who has recently relocated to Algeria or some other international Algerian city? The expat relocation to Algeria is definitely an exciting international opportunity and cross-cultural adventure.

For Algerian expats relocating to Algeria, heaps of accurate information concerning several different facets of Algerian expat life is a must. Looking for so much information on working and living in Algeria is rather bothersome and requires a lot of time. Here at Expat Africa Payroll, we offer services designed to help you by offering services and information on all issues of interest to expats living in Algeria.

Pay & Benefits

Algeria’s minimum wage increased in January 2010 to 15,000 Dinars per month.  The working week is 40 hours,with higher wages paid for overtime.  There are trade unions in Algeria, however laws regarding their operations and existence are rather strict.


Algeria is a welfare nation and everyone pays taxes which are quite high in relation to the average Algerian wage. Algerian Expats are eligible to pay a personal income tax, with seven bands determining the amount you will pay. If you earn between 1,080,000 to 3,240,000 DZD, 35% of your annual income will be taken off. 


Algerian expatsFor people who are not Algerian, in order to enter the country you will need to apply for a visa. Visa requirements for Algeria often change and you should call your home country’s Algerian Embassy prior to taking any steps. When applying for a visa at your Algerian Embassy you will need to bring a business visa and a temporary work permit. Visa extensions within the country can be done at the bureau des étrangers in Algiers (20 Zighout Youcef Boulevard. Phone: 021 73 00 73).


Before you leave for Angola, it is critical for you to get hepatitis A, typhoid and hepatitis B vaccines, as well as medical insurance. Of course you might need medical care while in Algeria, just be aware that medical providers may not allow payment through your insurance company. You will have to pay in full post treatment and file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.

Finding a Property

Properties in Angola are affordable and the thought of Algerian expats buying real estate often seems appealing. Upon arrival, you will see plenty local newspapers with all kinds of real estate ads. Searching the web for real estate opportunities is another credible option. Going to a real estate agency however may be your best option instead of buying/renting directly from the owner.


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