• Officially known as the Republic of Burundi, the landlocked country is situated in the Great Lakes region of Eastern Africa.
  • The country is bordered by Rwanda to the north, Tanzania to the east and south and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west.
  • Its capital is Bujumbura and cobalt and copper are among Burundi’s natural resources, while coffee and sugar are two of its main exports.
  • The national language is French.
  • The currency is the Burundian Franc (BIF) (1EUR=2038 BIF).


  • Expat Africa Payroll, through a network of local partners is able to offer the Contractor a global immigration solution in Burundi.
  • There are two different kinds of visas to enter and stay in Burundi: the short-term visa and the long-term visa.
  • To enter Burkina-Faso the contractor must obtain a short-term visa at the Burundian Embassy in his home country or at his arrival at the airport.
  • The validity of the short-term visa is 30 days renewable but the contractor is not authorised to work. Once the contractor is in the country he can apply for a long-term visa which allows the contractor to work.
  • The Contractor will also need to obtain a working card.
  • The validity of the long-term visa is one year renewable.
  • Income tax: up to 35% depending on income
  • VAT: 18% of value added
  • Social security tax: 6% of gross salary
  • Expat Africa Payroll can provide the contractor with a lot of “in-country” services such as assistance in opening a bank account, in finding an accommodation, car hire, driving license conversion, local mobile phone.
  • Expat Africa Payroll can also arrange for the contractor a medical and repatriation insurance.
  • The insurance is very flexible and the cover will depend on the requirements of the contractor, and his/her family.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Expat Africa Payroll: Email: info [at] expatafricapayroll [dot] com


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