All good teams have two things in common, a good coach and a great captain. Coaches prepare the team for the task ahead and give them the correct tools to implement to counter against attack. The captain is able to utilise the preparations the coach has done with the team in the game and analyse the correct counter attack for every move of the opposition. The team that generally has the better combination of coach and captain win the game.

In Africa, there tends to be a common issue in the leadership roles. An issue that is synonymous to Africa.  Not one African country, with all its mineral wealth, has been able to become an economic powerhouse. Some have made huge strides since gaining independence and many have increased their personal wealth, but none have succeeded as a nation and broken the poverty trait that is infused in the continental perception. This is mainly due to the lack of leadership and a common purpose to succeed. People like Nelson Mandela were true martyrs to the fight for freedom, he was the leader of the people and achieved great things. Unfortunately by the time he reached presidency there was not a long period of time for him to be active in the countries future and prosperity.

In other African countries we see countries with lots of potential often become areas of low investment because of distorted leadership. Zimbabwe had a president that was Times man of the year, now he is the epitome of corruption and responsible for the starvation of the country and max exodus of people. Angola is the new economic hub of Africa however is also in the top 10 most corrupt countries of the world.

For an African nation to become sustainably successful it needs the correct leadership and team behind it. Ministers in Parliament need to be held accountable for every action and need to report as to the progress they have achieved in their portfolio over their tenure. There needs to be a strategic vision of what the country plans to achieve and source how they will reach those targets. This is often done in the ways of a ‘development plan’ however these tend to be shown to more university students that ministers who are in the position to implement such policies. If each African country had a great leader managing it, one that puts the interests of the nation before his/her self interests, the continent would become the most powerful location in the world. We have all the correct resources to do so, its implementation where we fail.


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