At Expat Africa Payroll we are always trying to enter new territories and gain expertise in more and more countries to be truly regarded as the complete Africa payroll company. As you may expect, our first targets were the faster growing economies in Africa, then filtering into the slower markets with the potential of growing. Currently we offer a payroll solution for 35+ countries ranging from Algeria to Zambia, offering a world class solution for expats and locals alike. We have successfully been providing this service for 3 years and have grown internally and externally over this period.

As the need for our solution extends into areas which we are not yet established increases, we look to enter the new markets and grow the focus on development as best we can. Through our publications about what happens in various countries from an objective view point we can offer insight to companies whose only source of information may be a biased viewpoint.

In the recent months we have seen a growing trend in companies wanting to move into North Sudan. This is understandable as the historical discrepancies of the past look to build an economic powerhouse into the future. New industries are emerging and markets growing, living standards are beginning to improve and literacy rates are at an all time high in Sudan. The foundations are being set for the Sudanese economy to take off in the next few years, albeit reliant on a stable government and shared vision of a growing economy by the people.

Having said this, the management of Expat Africa Payroll felt this was an area of interest and perhaps a new territory we should investigate. Having done the research and vested time into trying to find a r

eliable partner in Sudan we are proud to announce that we are now able to give the same professional services in North Sudan. As with many other countries we offer our services, we are now in the position to assist organisations to move into Sudan. We can assist your expats to ensure complete compliance while working in-country as well

As countries begin to show growth and potential to develop, we will ensure that we investigate these areas and formulate a professional service to facilitate your needs. Should you ever feel there is an area we should be investigating please feel free to email us your suggestions. We are always on the look out to broaden our services in line with your needs. Sudan is just the beginning of the new era.  as ensure that your company is offering the best possible payroll facility for your HCM. By focusing on new territories like Sudan, we are able to expand companies already operating in Africa who may initially have been hesitant to enter a market such as the Sudanese one. Now that we can ensure a professional payroll facility, more and more of our current clients feel that it may be an opportunity to venture into this area and develop their business.

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