The people of Egypt have been set in ousting their leaders since the time of the Pharaoh. It seems as if the biblical plight of the Egyptian front runners are continuing today in much the same way spoken about in various books of the bible, or is it? Back then it was slavery of the Jewish people, hatred for the poor and an eventual exodus into the desert where they wondered around for 40 years. The fight was a religious crusade and a breaking of slavery, and one man was able to part the sea which was, I assume, a defining moment in every witnesses life. Now, however, it’s all hash tags, media coverage and the brotherhood playing a pivotal part in the ousting of the current president, Mohammed Morsi. People are merely fighting because things aren’t moving fast enough, they are camped out in the city centre and justified looting the brotherhood building by saying “they stole first”.

In 2011 the country celebrated two major events, Expat Africa Payroll being able to provide a payroll solution in their country and the first democratic leadership after the dictator Hosni Mubarak was politely asked to leave office after years of successful oppression. Unfortunately for Morsi, he has inherited a country that was being dictated by a man who saw the country as nothing more than a means to make himself wealthy. It cannot be easy trying to create a democratic country but when the majority does not want him to be president, one feels he has created the first steps to a democratic society and should follow the democratic way and allow the majority to decide.

I hate camping, I can’t take having to sleep on a hard floor with the roof inches from my head and having to try and organise the entire room while on my knees. The people occupying Tarrir Square must be getting very frustrated. Between having to use portable toilets like they are at a musical festival, and having someone not meet your demands, despite the military playing on the same team as you, I would not be faring well.  Expat Africa Payroll is on the side lines, watching and waiting for a team to come out on top. We hope that investment into the country does not get damaged for a long period of time but one has to understand that investors are easily scared off, and given that the people want change of leadership 3 years prematurely seems to generate the idea that the population is playing the field and cannot stand by one person through the good and the bad. It seems as though the people are set in removing Morsi, however the next president needs to ensure that the country knows that things take time and cannot be done in a year, hopefully then will the country move forward and become an African leader country it has the potential to be.

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