With Angola’s rich natural resources and infrastructure development projects, accompanied by the fact that it’s one of the fastest growing economies in the world, there are plenty opportunities for expats who want to work and do business here.


For years now Angola has maintained its reputation as a region extremely rich in raw materials, specifically petroleum and diamonds, and is rapidly harvesting a dynamic business environment offering diverse opportunity. More and more expats are moving to Angola in search of work and the lavish salary packages attached to life in one of Africa’s largest oil-producing countries.

Angola_expatsThe climate in Angola is tropical with white beaches and a phenomenal Angola_economycountryside. Today, Angola’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. Foreign relationships with countries like China, Portugal and South Africa are becoming more and more strong as oil regulations are actively being exchanged for infrastructural developments that will be of long-term benefit for the country. luanda_by_night_2 (1)Night life in Luanda (the capital city) makes a popular expat environment as it is full of culture and as lively as any other thriving metropolis.

Angola_expat_familyExpats wanting to move to Angola with their family and children will be pleased to know that there are several international schools located in Luanda, which are well-supported by the companies that helped found them. So if you are considering sending your children to such schools, it is important to know that the waiting lists are very long, so look into this early. Angola_healthcareHealthcare is available in Angola and over recent years this has vastly improved. If you are in need of complicated and niche medical procedures, look at the options of travelling to near by locations (South Africa) for the treatment you require.

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