Expats moving to Democratic Republic of Congo should consider their options carefully, especially if relocating with a family.

Contracting-In-Democratic-Republic-Of-The-CongoDid you know that the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is the largest country in Africa? The country is situated in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa.  The biggest attraction for expats seeking employment in the DRC is the country’s mining sector and the country is super rich in natural resources.

Expats moving to the DRC will most likely find themselves in the capital, Kinshasa, or Lubumbashi, the capital of the southern copper-rich Katanga province. Aid work is an additional big sector attracting foreigners to the DRC.

Some tips to prepare your move the DRC:

  • Because you will be required to obtain visas, work permits, business visa etc, it is important to start preparing months prior to d-day. which require a notice period.Take note, this may mean you would need to plan, and not forget, about your notice period. 
  • Sort through your belongings and choose which goods you would like to bring along to Democratic Republic of Congo. In most cases, there will always be things that might be hard to let go of so take your time in deciding which belongings are more drc_democratic_republic_of_the_congo_engineering_jobs_recruitment_africa1sentimental than others. For this it is important to know that one can always seek advice with matters as such (it might cost less to buy goods in DRC instead of bringing over your belongings).
  • People sometimes forget how important the moving company is. Make sure you are 100% confident that you have chosen the right moving company. Locating an excellent moving company is essential to any expatriation project. Internal quality processes, specialized packing materials and a large network will guarantee high standard of quality and service.



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