Business is a lot like a Dragon; it’s fierce, large and burns you in an instant. It also protects the princess in the tower and stops at nothing (not even the risk of losing its own life) to fulfill its duties. Often people use the excuse that “the reason we didn’t pursue a venture was because it was too difficult to enter the market”. The difficulty involved in attaining market share where large organisations exist or the lack of market knowledge is not an excuse, it should be seen as an exciting prospect to learn and challenge your own abilities. If the business venture was that impossible to embark on, how did other ordinary people get it right.

No two countries are the same, neither one would react the same way in a similar situation and even if they did, the result will not be the same for both. Imagine if, for example, instead of the twin towers in New York being attacked it was the Opera house in Australia. If Australia, whose army consists of a total of 76 531 active military personal, as opposed to the USA who has some 2 936 369 personal fighting for their country, decided the best course of action would be to invade Iraq. Now consider the amount of deaths the USA has faced since it began its “fight of freedom” in 2003, the official death toll of the war in Iraq for US soldiers was 32 021. If this was the same amount for Australia then the Aussies lost almost half their man power, although it only constituted for 1% of Americas forces. it wouldn’t make sense for Australia to react the same way.

Organisations needs to understand the unique approach to countries as well and the differences in the way each country handles various situations. In Europe it is easy to call a company in another European country on a Monday, receive an answer that same day and have business wrapped up by Friday latest. In Africa, expect to wait some time for an answer, and the answer may not be the one you need so getting your answer may take several attempts.

Expat Africa Payroll tries to minimize the response time as best as possible. Having taken several steps to ensure your questions are answered in the most efficient manner possible, it is often not so easy to give you the answer to questions such as “what is the rent of a two bedroom house in Yamoussoukro”. This may take a few days to answer but we will have your solution in the most accurate way possible. Business may not be as streamline in Africa as in the rest of the world but training your business to be formatted to the African business platform will ensure that you reach your targets. It may be difficult to break the barriers of entry for African countries, Expat Africa Payroll will open up this avenue significantly, but understanding the difficulties involved and the process needed will slow your hastiness and give you time to appreciate the unique offering of the continent. A stitch in time saves nine as the saying goes, the time to stitch those nine will be worth the wait.

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