Skills in Africa are not in short supply. The capabilities exist in large proportions and the willingness to work is ever present. Specialised skills are essential for a growing economy and the size of the pool in which skilled Africans exist has never been larger. You find more and more Africans with engineering degrees from top international universities or colleges of technology than ever before. These specialised skills are vital for the success of their African home countries and they have the potential to play a large part towards the growth and success of the continent.

The basis of economics teaches us that where a willing buyer exists, there should also be a willing seller. The challenge is not encouraging an individual to sell what they have or for another to buy what they don’t, but rather finding willing candidates to achieve both. On the African market the challenge that is faced is not a skills shortage (excepting of course new technologies to the continent), but rather a connection problem. Connecting the person with the correct skills to an available position in his or her respected field is the major issue being faced across much of Africa. The use of internet technologies is limited and connecting to the correct people to assist in finding employment is not always easily done.

Across much of the world the process of employment is based on online resume’s with the usage of sites such as LinkedIn and This presents candidates with the online presence as well as employers with a way in which to assess the best candidates for the position. In Africa these mediums are not always available. Traditional methods such as newspaper classified sections are open to a lot more traffic than any others.

Identifying the best suitable method in the country needs to be established before finding a candidate who can fulfill the companys’ requirements. The individual can then be resourced from his own country, this ensures that country specific knowledge is maximised and the person would not have to face expatriation difficulties some individuals face when working in Africa. A company like Expat Africa Payroll can ensure that organisations wanting to enter Africa can do so in the most streamline way possible. We utilise the skills of CA Global international and their recruitment procedures. This aids Expat Africa Payroll to assist companies in the payroll and tax payment requirements throughout Africa. Ensuring the candidate is registered for all in-country taxes and compliant is our main priority. We ensure that all needs of the contractors or employees are fulfilled to their tailored needs and ensure that they are well connected to you in Africa.

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