Kenya at a glance – The country’s GDP accounts for 40 percent of the East African region’s GDP, followed by Tanzania at 28 percent, Uganda at 21 percent, Rwanda at 8 percent, and lastly Burundi at 3 percent.

Agriculture is the second biggest contributor to the economy after tourism. However much of Kenya’s agricultural output is subject to frequent droughts.

Corruption is another handbrake on growth, often considered an “unseen tax” to do business in Kenya. According to Transparency International, Kenya ranks among the world’s half-dozen most corrupt countries.

But despite these challenges Kenya has recorded one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan growth, in no small part due to the billions of dollars in investment being poured into the country by China.

The biggest challenges facing the country however the recent upsurge in terrorist attacks stemming from its involvement with its more troubled neighbour, Somalia. This, many analyst agree is a significant obstacle on thee path economic prosperity.

Working in Kenya? Is it worth the risks and what are some of the biggest obstacles ? We would loveto hear your opinions and comments on living and working in this land of contradictions. Please leave your comments below.

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