You only need to change to any news channel for 30 minutes to see all the negative going on in Africa. A civil war in Egypt, attacks on a mosque in Nigeria, labour disputes in South Africa. The general theme is that Africa is in crisis constantly and has less stability than a tight rope walker. There is no positivity and everything good is swept under the carpet.

I cannot deny that the reporting on these events are accurate and that certain events have and still are taking place on the continent, but the issue is that only the negative events are being reported on and it’s doing very little to bring investment into countries that have the ability to prosper. Media has become sensationalist in order to sell newspapers or grab the attention of viewers. People enjoy seeing and speaking about negative events rather than any good ones. Newspapers headlining that “unemployment decreasing” sells far fewer issues than one headlining “mass murder in a primary school”.

Africa needs the investment of large companies to sell their products and establish themselves in these new countries. New businesses create jobs, which create wealth which increases spending. It’s a cyclical event in the most positive way. Companies need to ensure that the decisions they make are not based on what media is telling them about the country, but rather accurate information from insiders working on a day to day basis in these countries. Expat Africa Payroll is such a company that operates and connects with majority of Africa on a daily basis. Expat Africa Payroll understands that decision makers are risk averse and that Africa is probably the most riskiest market you can enter into. They can inform you on what needs to be done to be successful in Africa and if you have any hesitations it would be better to see a website like How We Made it in Africa on This website shares the bad and good things happening and gives you an objective way of assessing whether it will be safe to enter.

I do not want to run down journalists, I believe the work they do is important to bring insight to current events, however the sensationalist viewpoints often do not enable someone to see both sides of the coin and often the one side is not the same as described. The journalists do not understand the weight of their publications and the detriment it brings to the lives of millions in countries that have had nothing other than a bad day. Expat Africa Payroll make sure that the welfare of all contractors are maximised and therefore only if we begin action on telling people to get out of a country, should any flags be risen. Reporters need to understand the significance of their statements and ensure that objectivity is kept in ethical reporting.

It seems as though the continuation of this negative reporting will be the biggest obstacle Africa will face to bring in investment. Free media is important to ensure that transparency is kept within the governments and their actions, corruption is minimized through the fear of being caught out. Currently media aim at exploding situations and making a small event seem more significant than it actually requires. Journalists are able to hold countries hostage through their reporting and hinder countries from reaching a social level that they are capable of.  If information is what you seek and accuracy of information important to you, turn off the television and do some other research.

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