Africa payroll is the account management arm of Expat Africa Payroll and Africa Payroll Solutions. Together we offer complete payroll and immigration solutions, for both local and expatriate workers, in over 30 African countries (French and Portuguese speaking consultants for Francophone and Lusophone countries).

Africa Payroll understands the unique tax laws in each African country and provides clients with the following solutions:

Local payroll

Ensure tax compliance, prepare payslips and pay taxes and salaries with workers remaining as official employees of you as the client.

Local Payroll and Employment

This is the same solution as above, but with employees being employed by us and seconded to you as the client. Africa payroll will assist with business visas, work permits, medical and expatriation insurance, time sheet processing, monthly reporting across countries and additional tailored payroll and employment services.

 Offshore Payment

A portion of the employee’s salary is paid offshore, without declaration and tax in country (it is then the employee’s responsibility to declare his offshore income in his home country).

For further details and company or country specific queries, please contact grant [at] expatafricapayroll [dot] com or visit our website  Expat Africa Payroll Website

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