payroll in AfricaTo put it simply, Payroll can be described as the sum total of all reward/payment that a business has to provide to its employees for a set duration or on a given date. More often than not, Payroll is managed by the accounting department within an organisation. Small-business payrolls may be handled directly by the owner or an associate.  

EAP – Your Payroll Solutions Partner

Expat Africa Payroll (EAP) is a Mauritian based company that aims to provide companies with the best payroll solution for all employees. Whether it be locals or expatriates we aim to provide services that ensure complete compliance for your in country operation. We offer employment solutions for clients who want to enter into Africa but do not have a registered entity so that the company can operate while being fully compliant.

Our Expertise

EAP can simplify your operations in Africa with our specialized services modified to meet your individual needs by providing the tailored solution you deserve.

Africa is one of the fastest growing continents comprising of significant potential for a vast amount of international (and diverse) organisations. As an African company, Expat Africa Payroll understands the difficulties associated with operating in all of Africa and strives to offer you the best possible solution to maximise the impact your organisation can make.

Ensuring your contractor receives the best possible experience from start to finish, Expat Africa Payroll offers tailored solutions, not only on payroll compliance but ensuring that the contractor receives the best service for any requirements they may have.

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