If business was a formula one race, then the Payroll department would be the tyre change team. Its not the engine that drives the company or the steering wheel that directs the company, but without it the company wouldn’t go far. A tyre change team must ensure that the old tyres come off and the new ones get placed on in a timely manner and in a way to ensure the car can be back on track in no time. They need to change the tyres when the weather turns bad and keep on changing the tyres as they wear out over time. They are needed constantly throughout the race.

The payroll team works much in the same way. It must ensure that it operates constantly and hesitations are minute so as not to affect the overall operation of the company. It must ensure that taxes, social contributions and the monthly salary payments are up to date and accurate. Often underestimated, the payroll department is a vital gear in the total operation of the company, and one that needs to be respected and rewarded for their constant performance.

If the payroll function is such an important part of the total operation then you have probably considered how to find the best payroll partner. Many companies enjoy utilising their own employees to do the job and keep the function in-house. But the best payroll professionals do not want to provide their services to one organisation for the rest of their lives, they are now seeing their unique skills as a way to broaden their service to multiple companies, this is done through payroll companies.

Outsourcing this function then, is a better way for your organisation to ensure that the payroll function is operated in a manner that ensures complete accuracy and constant performance from the top professionals. A payroll company does not fall pregnant and require months off, does not take sick days or sit on Facebook all day. A payroll company is always there, a phone call or a drive away, and ensures that their clients are satisfied with every payslip. When the company comes into the garage the payroll team is there, waiting, ready to change whatever is required of the company.

Expat Africa Payroll is a tyre change team for the African race. The roads are rough in this race, why should you settle for anything less than the best payroll solution for a country with sharp turns, blind corners and a long back straight.

Start your engines, buckle your seat belts and rest assured knowing there is a professional team waiting in the pits to serve you.

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