The Sahara desert covers the same area as the USA, unfortunately it does not having the same productivity levels, economy or views on nuclear warfare. It receives about 20mm of rain per year so chances of a cricket match being cancelled are close to none. It stretches over 9 countries, most of which have been involved in some sort of fighting over the last 30 years.

If 0.3% of the Saharan desert was utilised for solar energy, it would collect enough to supply the whole of Europe. If we know this fact to be true, then why are we still mining every last bit of coal to supply electricity to cities around the world? Surely there should be mass investment for the countries in which this desert lies to create solar fields to resell the solar energy to developed nations? It would create thousands of jobs for people to manage the solar panels, be self sufficient and enable countries with very little agricultural or even habitable areas to become more productive by utilising the resources they have.

Finding alternative sources of energy seem to be the big topic at hand, however scientists, professors and big businesses seem to be looking at more advanced means of technology instead of getting back to the source of all energy, the sun.

It cannot be argued that this technology seems to be taking shape, the speed in which this can be done has not yet been realised. The implementation of these solar fields is done on trial by trial basis on a small scale, creating energy to the supplementation of small towns and villages near to where these fields are located. John Maynard Keynes states “The true potential of a nation is realised through the efficient allocation of its resources in line with the needs of the people in which it serves.” In normal terms, it means that if a man is hungry, he must be fed in order to be productive.

If Africa can be the sole provider of energy to the world, imagine the potential this will bring to the continent. The potential lies dormant to be explored, it is important for us to utilise the resource before we are stripped of this right.

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