Our provider in Libya has been on a world tour, backpacking through Europe like a teenager on a gap year, travelling the Trans-Siberian railway to the Great Wall of China, surfing the gold coast of Australia and eating his way through the USA. When asked about his experience he wrote “The world was my oyster, England was the hard shell, Asia the snotty tasting goo, Australia was the salt and USA the Tabasco sauce, but Africa is the pearl and I am really pleased to be back.” so finally we are back in Libya.
This is the greatest solution to come out of Libya since the uprising of 2011. The country has more oil than a bucket of deep fried chicken and growing faster than a sixteen year old boy. The country is on a growth path to develop and utilize its resources and it calls on international investors to aid in restructuring this country after years of violence and unrest.  So join the race and let Expat Africa Payroll manage the payroll for your expatriates pioneering this land. You will be surprised to know the plans in place for this country whose name is tarnished by war and violence.
Libya energy city is set to become the home for commercial, technical and human resource needs of the oil and gas industry. With these plans specifically catering for this sector you must ask yourself why you wouldn’t want to be a part of it all. Below is an image of the master plan of what it is set to look like. It is the Dubai of tomorrow. Energy city is set to be the most efficient city in the world, integrating the natural resources it is blessed with, from the power of the sun to the oil for construction, Companies will be queuing  to get into this country. don’t wait until the country is established and influencing global markets, there’s no getting on when the bus is full, grab the opportunity to invest in Libya and go for it head on.
Seeing a picture of Libya like this is like seeing a pin up of a girl no one chases, the hidden beauty is being explored and the true colours of this country will shine through in the end.