Africa has more people not from Africa working on the continent than any other. The availability of specialised skills in various countries, coupled with the need for these skills across Africa, create an expat network that is growing exponentially. Many skilled individuals realise the financial and professional gain they receive from working in Africa and have chosen to live their career lifestyle in a flexible and nomadic way. Many skilled individuals such as drill operators or geologists are away from home for long periods of time, yet thanks to the African opportunities, are able to provide financial stability for their families back at home.
If a person is to be deployed on a long consignment in an African country it enables them to bring their families along and create a life outside of the normal status quo of western civilisation. Enrolling children into international schools, creating a friendship group and establishing a normal lifestyle is possible and sometimes a great opportunity to experience what many back home would not.
The expat network in various countries is becoming more evident as technology increases in these areas. Expats may connect with people from very different countries yet are all in that African country to serve a common purpose, that is to develop a continent, increase infrastructure and better the lives of many. These expats are pioneers from their respective home countries and create a ripple effect of increased growth. the diaspora in Africa is a large network of skilled individuals, some more temporary than others, but all with technical knowledge on how best to do their job.