Employment Outsourcing

  • Africa HR offers effective solutions for temporary and permanent employment in Africa through time tested employer of record services.
  • The employment outsourcing is an easy way to hire employees in other countries where you do not have a legal entity or where you are not allowed to hire people.
  • It enables you to establish a team in a new country in the quickest and most efficient way possible.
  • We will act as the Employer of Record. It means that you will outsource the hire and the HR administration function to Africa HR while you keep the operational management of the employee.
Africa HR will hire the local or expatriate employee on your behalf in the country of assignment. It includes a local employment contract, the registration of the employee, the payroll, the statutory deductions and the processing of visas if required
The employment outsourcing is the ideal solution of organisations which:

  • Need to hire employees in a new country immediately
  • Need further market exploration before committing to a subsidiary and full office infrastructure
  • Want a low-risk, cost-controlled presence
  • Want to enter a new market quickly and efficiently, while maximizing result
  • Fastest way to hire an employee in a new country
  • No immediate requirement to incorporate a local company
  • As the legal employer of record, we are highly invested in a productive and compliant HR relationship with the overseas employees, ensuring minimal severance and termination issues
  • The ability to test a new market with minimal investment; although your employee may be employed through us permanently
  • Alignment between our interests and yours
  • It allows you to focus on your core business
  • Local services such as new bank account, first accommodation, car rental, etc.
  • Assistance in processing passports, visas and work permits
  • Employee medical insurance and health and safety support
  • For this service the cost will be negotiated according to client requirements and scope of work.

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