Africa HR offers immigration solution for expatriates across the African continent.  Each African country has specific requirements for issuing work permits. As no African union is set in place to standardise these requirements, our Africa HR  team has become the immigration specialist in ensuring that the entire process is done in accordance to the local legislation, reducing the risk of denial of access.
As an additional service to the employment outsourcing solution, Africa HR will ensure that the expatriate workers outsourced to the client are 100% compliant with the immigration law in the country of assignment. The correct visa/ work permit will be applied for.
We will strive to ensure that:

  • All paperwork is completed accurately
  • Information is relayed to you on the progress made
  • Complete compliance is met
  • The work permit is received in a timely fashion
  • All paperwork is kept on file for record purposes
  • The entire process is done efficiently ensuring no processes have to be repeated
  • Through our network of local partners in Africa we facilitate the entire immigration process:
    • Letter of invitation
    • Entry/ business visa
    • Temporary visa/ permit
    • Work permit
    • Resident permit
    • Local ID card if required
  • For this service the cost will be negotiated according to client requirements and scope of work.

Please contact us for further information.