Offshore services

  • We provide offshore payment services to clients and expatriates wanting to be paid out of their country assignment and/ or country of residence. This is a very common solution when you need protection against local, political and financial instability.
  • We pay from our head office in Mauritius to any bank account in the world. There is no employment contract and we do not ensure the tax compliance. It is the responsibility of the Clients and/or workers to declare the offshore payment.
A common solution under the offshore services is what we call the “payment against an invoice” solution. In this model, the worker is hired under a contract of services from our head office and is seconded / outsourced to the client in the country of assignment. The contractor sends us a monthly invoice / timesheet. We release the net salary offshore and the client takes care of the in-country tax compliance.
A variation of this is the offshore payment service. The expatriates are locally and legally employed by the Client in the country of assignment. The client is managing the payroll, including the tax compliance but they need Africa HR to release the net salaries out of the country.
  • Assistance in offshore bank account opening
  • Expatriate medical insurance
  • For this service the cost will be negotiated according to client requirements and scope of work.

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